CocoKefir Young Coconut Kefir

Powerful, live fermented foods and supplements for people who want to support healthy G.I. function.

Tula's®CocoKefir™ Young Coconut Kefir restores your body with the healthful benefits of live probiotics and raw nutrients. It has a sweet, delicious taste that children and adults enjoy, is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, naturally low in sugar, fat free, and low calorie.

Benefits include:

• Promotes healthy microflora ecology in the G.I. tract
• Reduces sugar cravings
• Contains valuable nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese 
• Increases energy and overall feeling of good health

Tula's®CocoKefir™ products are powerful, live fermented foods and supplements - raw, unpasteurized with no preservatives. Never diluted with filtered water or flavored with processed additives, our products are always made with 100% raw young coconut water and/or other organic juices (depending on product). We extract the nutritious water from the young coconuts one by one in our facility just prior to fermentation to ensure the freshest young coconut kefir possible. 

Recent News:

CocoKefir, L.L.C.,  is happy to announce the launch of a new, cobranded coconut kefir product in partnership with Body Ecology, Inc. of Playa Vista, California. The new product will be marketed as Body Ecology® Coconut Kefir, produced exclusively for Body Ecology by CocoKefir.



Tula's®CocoKefir™ and CocoYo™ Top Sales at Minneapolis Retailer - Tula's®CocoKefir™ ranks #1 in sales among all kefirs (dairy and non-dairy) at Linden Hills Grocery, Minneapolis. CocoYo™ ranks #1 in sales among all yogurts (dairy and non-dairy).

Source data: Linden Hills sales report, yogurt and kefir category for the 24 week period ending May 12, 2012.


Approvals/Endorsements From Those In The Know:




Approved by Ashley Koff, R.D., author of Mom Energy.






Accepted by the Feingold Diet Program for ADHD.



Note: Tula's®CocoKefir™ products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any medical disorder or disease. Concerns about your health should be directed to your health care provider.


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