Inspired by Tula's Story

CocoKefir founders Michael and Holly are the proud parents of twin daughters. They helped one of their daughters, Tula, through some difficult issues with a focus on gut health. They now write and present regularly on the topic of gastrointestinal health, fermented foods, and the microbiome within each of us. 



Our Decision-Makers:

Michael holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and has a lifelong love of science. He has extensive experience in fermentation dating back over two decades. In the past he has been employed by large multinational corporations as a product manager and marketing manager for technical/mechanical products. Michael attributes profound improvements in his health in recent years to changes in his dietary lifestyle.

Holly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from DePauw University and led the development of the Academic Therapy program at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. More importantly, she was the driving force behind the research and execution of dietary changes in the Larsen household, resulting in profound improvements in the entire family's health and wellbeing.

Gary_Johnson_PicGary is the leader of a successful digital and print content creation and publishing company. If you have ever surfed the Internet or read a magazine on an airplane, you have most likely interacted with his content. Gary has a long history of personal commitment to healthy eating. He has also volunteered much of his time to serve on the board of a local children's hospital as well as organizing fund raising events for the hospital.





Damon serves as the vice president of a multi-billion dollar marketing, wholesale, and commerce solution-based company responsible for business development, new adjacent growth, and strategy. Damon has successfully started several successful businesses focused on digital marketing, social media, sustainability, software/hardware design, and marketing automation with one company named “Small Company of the Year” by Fortune Magazine in 2002 and sold in 2004.  Damon has dramatically changed his mental and physical wellbeing by exercise and adopting a gluten free, dairy free, and probiotic diet.


Dr._TibbettsRobert (Dr. Bob) holds a PhD in Microbiology and is an infectious disease expert at a major U.S. hospital. He travels the world teaching doctors and other medical professionals about infectious diseases. Robert has a keen interest in the role of gut microbiota in a myriad of health issues.